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  TF2 Server Issues (No Plugins) 9/10/2014
Posted by: culexor - 09-10-2014 05:14 PM - Replies (6)

We are experiencing issues with Sourcemod which is preventing our TF2 servers from starting. We are waiting for the Sourcemod team to release a fix. We have disabled Sourcemod so you can at least play on the servers, but there are no plugins. Please bear with us while we get things sorted out.

Update: The Sourcemod devs have released an update which fixed the issues caused by the latest TF2 update. We will roll out the changes to our servers in the morning.

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  IRC Chat
Posted by: culexor - 07-17-2014 06:25 PM - Replies (15)

As an alternative to the shoutbox, I have set up an IRC channel for us on the Rizon network. Additionally, I added a webchat that connects directly to our channel within our forums. To access it, simply click the 'Chat' link within the navigation bar at the top of the page (on supported themes). You may also use an IRC client if you wish, so you can chat without having to be in your browser.

Connection info - only needed if you aren't using the webchat on the forums
Port: 6666 (any port from 6660 to 6670 will work, use 6697 or 9999 for SSL)
Channel: #impulse-gamers

Click here to use our webchat

Recommended IRC Clients - here's a good article:
Browser (all platforms): Kiwi IRC, Mibbit
Windows: HexChat (free), XChat (free)
Mac: Colloquy (free)
Linux: XChat (free)
iOS: Kiwi IRC (in-browser, free), Palaver ($2.99)
Android: AndChat (free), AndroIRC (free), Kiwi IRC (in-browser, free)

Click here
to connect using an IRC client

There is a small learning curve when it comes to IRC, but it's easy once you get settled in. When you first connect, I highly recommend registering your nick. From then on, you will be prompted to enter the password you set upon connecting.

We are not getting rid of the shoutbot (yet). However, I would like to eventually move towards IRC as it is much more versatile. It allows us to communicate via a multitude of platforms, devices, etc. instead of having to be on the forums to chat. That way, people on their phones can chat with people on their computers through one system. This would also eliminate the need for GroupMe.

Feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this.

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  Off-Topic Changes
Posted by: culexor - 07-14-2014 10:44 PM - Replies (24)

Over the last couple of weeks, some of the admins, moderators and myself have been discussing the Off-Topic section and how we feel that it is not suitable for these forums in its current state. We have decided to change the posting rules for OT, to help clean up some of the unnecessary content that gets posted there. We want you guys to have fun, but we want to keep it clean as well.

NEW OT RULES: (subject to change)
  • Flesh your post out into a full thread. Don't treat Off-Topic as Twitter/Facebook.
  • Don't derail the thread topic.
  • If you have a thread with a topic that is likely to get multiple replies (Gamers & Dragons, Avatar thread, ect), don't post multiple ones at a time.
  • Don't post single letters/pictures/videos/ect. It will be deleted or moved.
  • Don't start flame wars or post any offensive content towards others

Some threads are being posted in OT that would fit better in other (non-OT) sections:

Examples of threads that belong in Off-Topic:
Avatar Discussion 3.0: Your fursona and you
Guess My Thing #5

Examples of informative/meaningful threads in OT that belong elsewhere:
Best Steam Game Ever For the Cheapest Price - (General Gaming Discussion)
half life 2 episodes - (General Gaming Discussion)
Art From Lazarus - (General Discussion)
seeya - (General Discussion)

Examples of threads that don't belong on these forums at all:
Fucking Austria - Pointless
OH MY GOD - If there was something actually being said in addition to the link, it could easily go in General Gaming Discussion

In order to transition to these new rules smoothly, moderators will be more active in OT so that threads end up in relevant sections and unnecessary content is taken care of. We won't be penalizing anyone for posting in the wrong section or anything like that.

Again, we want everyone to have fun, but we need to clean up our forums a bit.

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  New Theme
Posted by: culexor - 07-13-2014 01:21 PM - Replies (12)

I have added a new forum theme called Novus Dusk. I am still working on integrating some of the elements from our other themes, but most of it is done already. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated.

In case any of you didn't already know, I am no longer maintaining Blue Lust (and I haven't been for quite a while). There is a good chance that Novus Dusk will become the default theme in the near future, however I plan to continue maintaining Apart Night.

EDIT: I have also added a mobile theme, which is automatically enabled when browsing from a mobile device.

EDIT 2: Novus Dusk is now the default theme.

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Exclamation ATTENTION: Do not play Gmod until it next gets updated...[FIXED]
Posted by: Suicidal Pencil - 04-18-2014 10:36 PM - Replies (14)


In regards to This thread here and This thread on Facepunch, all GMod players are advised to refrain from playing until the current security & trolling issue is resolved. If you do play GMod, any server with "!!!" at the beginning of it's name will be infected. However, it's not to say that any clean server won't get infected after you join. So be safe, and do not play it until the next update comes around.


  1. Go into your Garry's Mod folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod)
  2. Delete "engine_win32.dll"
  3. Open the "Download" folder, and delete the "cfg" folder, and "engine_win32.dll"
  4. Go back into the garry's mod folder
  5. Go into the "bin" folder and delete "game_shader_generic_engine.dll" (be careful, as there is a second file with a similar name but is NOT to be deleted)
  6. Go back into the garry's mod folder
  7. Go into the "materials" folder and delete "cooltexture.vtf"

That's it.

Once done, you shouldn't have to worry. Still, to avoid getting re-infected do not play on any Gmod server until Gmod is updated

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